No Word From Gurb

No Word From Gurb

Translated by Nicholas Caistor


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9781846590160 March 2007 Paperback 144pp

About the Book

A shape-shifting extraterrestrial named Gurb has assumed the form of Madonna and disappeared in Barcelona’s backstreets. His commanding officer and best friend has sent off in pursuit, scrupulously recording his observations of a human life in the city while munching through vast quantities of churros. No stone is left unturned, no danger too much, in the search for his old pal Gurb.

Will Barcelona survive this alien invasion Will the captain ever find his subordinate? Are there enough churros in Barcelona to satsify his intergalactic appetite.

A delirious and hilarious satire of our society’s mores.

About the Author

Eduardo Mendoza was born in 1943 in Barcelona. He spent some years in New York working as an interpreter for the United Nations before returning to his native city. Widely considered to be one of Spain's leading contemporary novelists, he has won many literary prizes internationally. His works include No Word from Gurb (Telegram), The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt (Telegram), City of Marvels and The Year of the Flood.

About the Translator

Nicholas Caistor is former Latin American editor of Index on Censorship magazine and broadcasts regularly on Latin American literature and art. He is the author of Octavio Paz (Reaktion, 2006), editor of two anthologies, and has translated many novels by Latin American and Spanish authors, including Juan Marse, Juan Carlos Onetti, Sergio Ramirez, Jose Saramago and Osvaldo Soriano.


'Like a mad cross between Don Quixote and The Screwtape Letters, this is wonderfully inventive and hilarious.'
The Times

'Literary Prozac'

'Eduardo Mendoza is one of contemporary Spain's most important writers.'
New York Times

'This romp of a book is a humourous satire of life in the Western world...which perceptively and endearingly emphasizes the irrationalities of Western Life'

'For sheer descriptive writing he is unrivalled.'
André Clavel

'An accomplished literary novelist who knows how to entertain.'
Kirkus Reviews