Getting Published

We are looking for bold non-fiction for our Saqi and Westbourne Press imprints. We welcome approaches from writers and agents alike. Please note the fields in which we specialise by consulting our website. We do not, at present, accept unsolicited fiction manuscripts.

If you intend to submit your non-fiction work, please make sure to follow the following guidelines carefully.

Guidelines for Submitting Non-Fiction Manuscripts

In the first instance, please send your proposal to:

Please do not send any submissions by post, courier or hand delivery. We are unable to return any work or enter into any correspondence about it.

Your submission should include the following materials in English:

  • Synopsis (including the book’s unique selling points)
  • Contents page (including concise chapter descriptions and proposed word length of book)
  • One sample chapter
  • Author biography and CV, listing all relevant publications
  • Details of photographs, illustrations, tables and other non-textual matter in the manuscript (where appropriate)
  • Proposed completion date of the manuscript
  • Note on competing works

Please do not email us complete manuscripts unless requested to do so.

If we do not reply to your submission within eight weeks, please consider it declined on this occasion, with best wishes for success elsewhere.

All submissions are treated as confidential.

For authors whose submissions have not been successful with us, but who are keen to develop, we recommend that you visit the Writers’ and Artists’ website to find out more about getting published. Whether you are hoping to acquire an agent or embark on a writing career without one, we also recommend consulting The Society of Authors. To workshop your writing, there are many excellent BA, MA, evening and online creative writing courses available, depending on where you are based and your circumstances.