The Road to Tahrir Square

The Road to Tahrir Square

Egypt and the United States from the Rise of Nasser to the Fall of Mubarak

9780863568756 October 2011 Paperback 230pp

About the Book

When protesters in Egypt began to fill Cairo’s Tahrir Square on January 25, 2011—and refused to leave until their demand that Hosni Mubarak step down was met—the politics of the region changed overnight. And the United States’ long friendship with the man who had ruled under emergency law for thirty years came starkly into question.

The Road to Tahrir Square is the first book to connect past and present—from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s brief meeting with King Farouk near the end of World War II, to Barack Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo, and the recent fall of Mubarak—offering readers an understanding of the events and forces determining American policy in this important region. Making full use of the available records, including the controversial WikiLeaks archive, renowned historian Lloyd C. Gardner shows how the United States has sought to influence Egypt through economic aid, massive military assistance, and CIA manipulations—an effort that has immediate implications for how the current crisis will alter the balance of power in the Middle East.

As millions around the world ponder how the Egyptian Revolution will change the face of the region and the world, here is both a fascinating story of past policies and an essential guide to possible futures.

About the Author

Lloyd C. Gardner is the Charles and Mary Beard Professor of History at Rutgers University. A specialist in twentieth century foreign policy, Gardner is the author of over a dozen books on American foreign policy, includingThe Road to Tahrir Square, The Long Road to Baghdad and Three Kings.


‘When it comes to understanding the tangle of contradictions addling present-day US policy in the Arab world, Lloyd Gardner has become our most astute guide. This compact, timely, and altogether admirable study is his best yet.’
Andrew J. Bacevich, author of Washington Rules: America's Path to Permanent War

‘A clear, concise, and insightful account of Egypt’s long decline, focusing on both the mistakes of its own leaders and the ignorant meddling of outside powers.’
Stephen Kinzer, author of Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq

'An outstanding reference tool for understanding American policy in Egypt, including the recent revolution.'
Journal of Shi'a Islamic Studies