An Optimum Base for Pricing Middle Eastern Crude Oil

An Optimum Base for Pricing Middle Eastern Crude Oil

9780863565434 March 2020 Hardback 192pp

About the Book

Setting the price of oil, one of the most sought-after and traded commodities in the global market, has been a major issue in the field of economics. In this book, Abdulaziz M. Aldukheil offers his mathematical base for setting the price of Middle Eastern crude oil and its application in oil exporting nations.

Focusing on Saudi Arabia, An Optimum Base for Pricing Middle Eastern Crude Oil examines the deficiencies of present price-setting methods where production (extraction), trade, return on foreign investment and the subsequent investment of surplus revenues present complex questions for the Saudi Arabian economy. The author suggests that if the nation has to produce more oil than what it can invest in at home, it has to be offered foreign investment with a return equal to the annual real rate of growth crude oil price.


About the Author

Abdulaziz M. Aldukheil is Chairman and Founder of the Aldukheil Financial Group. He was previously Deputy Minister of Finance in Saudi Arabia He has been a Visiting Professor at Georgetown University, Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, University of Oxford, and a Visiting Scholar at the American University of Beirut Business School. His publications include Banking System in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Government Revenues and Expenditures: A Financial Crisis in the Making. Renowned for his critical analysis of Saudi Economic development strategy and public policies, Dr Aldukheil’s research and writing have appeared in various specialist magazines and journals.