A Cage Without Bars

A Cage Without Bars


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9780863565021 February 2003 Paperback 101pp

About the Book

The small boy was trying to climb over the wall surrounding the labyrinth that he wanted to leave, when he heard the elderly people back home shouting and telling him to go back to bed. His grip on the wall loosened and he fell to the ground, waking from his dream to find himself – seventy years older – in his usual armchair at home watching the people around him involved in their busy discussion.

His problem of not hearing well sometimes placed him in a cage without bars whenever he happened to be in a big group. The dream in the labyrinth took on different masks: he waded through multiple environments crowded with people who – having different problems themselves – ended up by facing the same isolation which, to different degrees, left them politely ignored by others. Coming out of the labyrinth he found out that whatever realities were in his dream, they had evaporated. All the same, the beauty in life does not evaporate …

About the Author

Ibrahim Yared was born in Egypt in 1925 and trained as an electrical engineer. He worked in Lebanon as a consultant for fifty years before retiring. He is the author of From Here I Can See the End, In the Middle of Nowhere: A Quest for Belonging, Watching from a Distance and A Cage without Bars, also published by Saqi Books.