The Geneva Option

The Geneva Option

9781846591556 March 2013 Paperback 368pp

About the Book

Yael Azoulay does the United Nations’ dirty work. From the caves of Afghanistan and the slums of Baghdad to the world’s corporate boardrooms, Yael’s job is to broker the secret deals that oil the wheels of superpower diplomacy and big business.

When a suspicious death at the UN headquarters in Manhattan is covered up, Yael decides that the ends no longer justify the means and she goes rogue. Events quickly spiral out of control as Yael is forced on the run in the streets of New York and Geneva.

Hunted by the world’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies, Yael must ultimately learn that salvation means not just saving other’s lives but slaying her own inner demons.

About the Author

Adam LeBor is a writer and journalist. His works include the ground-breaking Hitler's Secret Bankers, shortlisted for the Orwell Prize, City of Oranges and The Budapest Protocol (Telegram) and The Geneva Option (Telegram). You can view more of his works here.


'A classic, fast-paced thriller. Get ready to be entertained'
Olen Steinhauer

'A compelling tale, which, bolstered by a wide array of well-drawn and interesting characters, drives an entertaining, atmospheric and fast-paced narrative.'
Times Literary Supplement

'A gripping and atmospheric thriller from a great writer. Yael Azoulay is a character I'm looking forward to reading about again and again.'
Charles Cumming

'The best Adam LeBor to date. The world he creates is driven by the sharp edge of reality – by the raw, brutal politics, by the monsters and desperate heroes'
Alan Furst

'Pacy, entertaining, worldly'
AD Miller