The Shi‘a Worlds and Iran

The Shi‘a Worlds and Iran

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9780863564062 October 2010 Paperback 368pp

About the Book

From Africa to Asia, Twelver Shi‘a form significant minority and, in some cases, majority communities. Geography and history place Iran at the centre of these worlds. But to what extent can we speak of an ‘Iranian model’ that these groups follow?

This meticulously researched volume presents the Shi‘a worlds in all their complexities, exploring the tenuous relations between these groups and Iran while shedding light on the understudied Shi‘a communities in the Gulf, Turkey, Afghanistan and Senegal.

About the Contributors

Sabrina Mervin is a senior researcher at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and the co-director of the Institut d’études de l’Islam et des sociétés du monde musulman in Paris. She is a historian in Islam and contemporary Shi‘ism.


‘The geographic range of this volume is stunning, and its thematic coverage exhaustive.’
Houchang Chehabi, Boston University

‘A first-class collection of papers, showing not only the breadth of Shi‘a experience across the Muslim world, but also the relationships between these various communities and the Shi‘a stronghold of Iran.’
Robert Gleave, University of Exeter

‘An indispensable piece of scholarly research … This is an essential work for academics and students who wish to understand the dynamics of Twelver Shi‘ism and the Iranian influences on issues relating to the export of the revolution, identity, and transnationalism.’
Lloyd Ridgeon, University of Glasgow