The History of Bosnia

The History of Bosnia

From the Middle Ages to the Present Day


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9780863569531 August 2007 Hardback 514pp 15 black & white illustrations

About the Book

Bosnia-Hercegovina dominated news coverage in the 1990s, yet the country remains the most misunderstood in Europe, frequently stereotyped as a land of perennial ethnic violence or occasionally admired as a former haven of multinational coexistence. In this first comprehensive study of national identity in Bosnia-Hercegovina, the author seeks to explain what being Bosnian has really meant for successive generations of Muslims, Serbs, Croats and Jews.

Hoare examines the origins of Bosnia and of its constituent peoples, tracing their evolution through periods of Ottoman, Habsburg and Yugoslav rule, through the genocidal atrocities of World War II, Communist-led revolution and dictatorship, the Bosnian declaration of independence in 1992 and the violence that followed.

He shows how Bosnians related to the common homeland in different ways, depending on their religion, class or political persuasion, and how this provided the basis among them both for cooperation and for conflict.

About the Author

Marko Attila Hoare is a Senior Research Fellow at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University, London. He received his BA from the University of Cambridge in 1994 and his PhD from Yale University in 2000. He has been studying the history and politics of the former Yugoslavia for over twelve years and has lived and worked in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia and Serbia. His publications include How Bosnia Armed and The History of Bosnia: From the Middle Ages to the Present Day.


'[Hoare's] argument is persuasive and supported throughout by documentary evidence; it will be of interest to specialists and general readers alike.'
John Paul Newman, University of Southampton