Nation and Religion in the Middle East

Nation and Religion in the Middle East

9780863560446 March 2000 Paperback 256pp

About the Book

The Middle East is a complex region where religion, culture and politics are deeply intertwined in a powerful relationship. From the early days of the Arab nationalist experiment to the emergence of Islamic fundamentalism in the early part of this century and beyond, the region’s political movements have become a salient feature of its modern history and continue to be the subject of much heated debate and speculation.

This collection of essays addresses these timely issues by providing both a general analysis of the region and more focused country-by-country examples. Among the many themes, nationalism and Islamism are re-examined to demonstrate their ongoing relevance and relationship to the presentday Arab context and identity. This is followed by a closer look at Islamist movements in Turkey, Iran, and Tunisia and how these forces may either come to erode the secular state (in the case of Turkey and Tunisia) or bolster the Islamic one (in the case of Iran). The author also examines the fate of the eight remaining monarchies of the Arab world and the conditions of their emergence, consolidation and continuation.

By means of a thorough analysis of these important themes, along with country-specific case studies, the author provides a wealth of information that helps towards a comprehensive understanding of the region.

About the Author

Fred Halliday (1946–2010) was Professor Emeritus of International Relations at the London School of Economics and a research professor at the Barcelona Institute for International Studies. He published over twenty books, including Two Hours that Shook the World and 100 Myths about the Middle East (both by Saqi Books).


'An absorbing collection of essays … Halliday's range allows him to make many penetrating cross-cultural comparisons.'
New Statesman

'Nation and Religion in the Middle East provides a wealth of information that helps towards a comprehensive understanding of the region.'
The Middle East

'A formidable collection.'
Times Literary Supplement

'Halliday has proven one of the most wide-ranging and sophisticated analysts of the Middle East, and this collection of essays shows both those traits.'