Demystifying Syria

Demystifying Syria

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9780863566547 October 2009 Paperback 224pp

About the Book

Demystifying Syria offers an extraordinary insight into the shifting relations between the Ba‘th party and the armed forces, civil law, social structure, burgeoning private enterprise, internal political opposition, the European Union and its relation to Syria. This book goes beyond the headlines to offer a detailed portrait of the political, economic, social and diplomatic dynamics that shape this pivotal and fiercely independent Middle Eastern state.

Contributors include: Salwa Ismail, Bassam Haddad, Zohair Ghazzal, Baudouin Dupret, Souhail Belhadj, Thomas Pierret, Myriam Ababsa, Julie Gauthier, Joe Pace, Joshua Landis, Anja Zorob, Bassel F. Salloukh, Fred H. Lawson

About the Contributors

Fred H. Lawson is Rice Professor of Government at Mills College, where he teaches international relations and Middle East politics. He first visited Syria in 1979, and later spent a year at the University of Aleppo, Syria as a Fulbright lecturer in International Relations. He is the author of Demystifying Syria (Saqi Books), Constructing International Relations in the Arab World (Stanford University Press) and Why Syria Goes to War (Cornell University Press).


'This book shows Syrian studies in the best possible light, has been edited to a high level and can be recommended to everyone interested in the complexities of contemporary Syria.'
Times Higher Education Supplement

'This compelling book offers the reader much food for thought for thought on a country that certainly defies any attempt to be encapsulated in unidirectional and straightforward definitions.'
International Spectator