Daybreak in Gaza

Daybreak in Gaza

Stories of Palestinian Lives and Culture

This item will be released 3 October 2024
N/A Paperback 256pp 30 black and white illustrations

About the Book

With Juliette Touma and Jayyab Abusafia

‘A city so rich in trees it looks like a cloth of brocade spread out upon the land.’ Shamsaddin al-Dimashqi, geographer (1256–1327)

‘I remember seeing trees all about the city, olives and almond groves.’ Ibrahim Skeik, historian (1920–2004)

This was Gaza. A place of humanity and creativity, resourcefulness and spirit, now devastated by Israel’s onslaught that has destroyed lives, pulverised buildings and displaced an entire population. Today, as Palestinian heritage is being destroyed, the survivors of Gaza preserve their culture and history through literature, music, stories and memories.

Daybreak in Gaza portrays an extraordinary place and people, showcasing the illustrious achievements of the past and the wisdom of Gazans today. Vignettes of artists, acrobats, students, shopkeepers and medics offer stories of life, love, displacement, loss and survival, rubbing shoulders with vivid accounts of the warriors and travellers of old.

Daybreak in Gaza humanises the people dismissed as mere statistics and ‘collateral damage’ and portrays Gazan lives full of joy and meaning. The remarkable book in your hands seeks to preserve the heritage that has been lost, and that which can never be lost, revealing the wealth of Gaza’s cultural landscape and the depth of its history.

About the Contributors

Mahmoud Muna is a writer, publisher and bookseller from Jerusalem, Palestine. He runs Jerusalem’s celebrated Educational Bookshop and the Bookshop at the American Colony Hotel, both centres of the city’s literary scene. Muna has degrees in Media and Communication from the University of Sussex and King’s College London. He is active in many cultural initiatives across Palestine and writes regularly on culture and politics, with bylines in the London Review of Books and Jerusalem Quarterly, among others. He recently published the first-ever Arabic edition of the literary magazine Granta.

Matthew Teller is a UK-based author and broadcaster writing on place and culture, with a special focus on Palestine and the wider Middle East. His 2022 book Nine Quarters of Jerusalem: A New Biography of the Old City was a Daily Telegraph Book of the Year. Teller produces and presents documentaries for BBC Radio 4 and World Service, and reports for BBC Radio’s ‘From Our Own Correspondent’. His journalism is published by the BBC, Guardian, Independent, Times and Financial Times, among others. Teller is the author of Quite Alone: Journalism from the Middle East 2008–2019 and several travel guides, including the Rough Guide to Jordan.