Baghdad Diaries

Baghdad Diaries

9780863563669 January 2003 Paperback 209pp

About the Book

During the Gulf War in 1991, through long nights of relentless bombing and the disappearance of all amenities, Iraqi artist Nuha al-Radi began keeping a diary from her Baghdad home. She captures scenes of surreal intensity as birds fly upside down, citizens feast royally on food about to spoil and randy dogs receive fan letters thanks to CNN. The diaries continue throughout the ensuing bleak years under sanctions, depicting the difficulties of day-to-day survival but also the funny and macabre goings-on about town. Her entries continue into exile and end in November 2002

About the Author

Nuha al-Radi was born in Baghdad in 1941. A painter, ceramist and sculptor, her works have been exhibited throughout the Arab world and Europe. She currently lives in Beirut.


‘I searched for recent books about Iraq that described it as a real country. I found only one, the excellent Baghdad Diaries’
Edward Said

‘Those who wish to see what the experience of bombardment and sanctions are like should look here.’

‘Something of what sanctions mean for ordinary Iraqis ... Records the daily struggle for survival.'
Times Literary Supplement

‘I read Baghdad Diaries at a gulp and was left feeling very humble. I hope many people will read this book and note the futility of war.’
Mary Wesley