Cities of the South

Cities of the South

Citizenship and Exclusion in the Twenty-first Century

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9780863566110 November 2007 Hardback 338pp

About the Book

Major cities worldwide are caught in a whirlwind of change that is turning urban spaces into strategic sites for emerging and yet undefined forms of citizenship. Migration, civil society, new spaces of consumption and exclusion, and an array of national and transnational players are transforming the major cities of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

From the slums of Mumbai to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, from the skyscrapers of Dubai to urbanising Palestinian refugee camps, the new cities are altering the answers to one of mankind’s oldest questions: where do I belong?

Topics include governments, frontiers and exclusion zones, concepts of citizenship and urban struggles over space and identity. Drieskens, Mermier and Wimmen have assembled an important book on a subject that will gain even more relevance as the century progresses.

About the Contributors

Barbara Drieskens is an urban anthropologist and an assistant visiting professor at the American University of Beirut. Her present research in Beirut focuses on the issues of freedom and social control. She is the author of Living with Djinns: Understanding and Dealing with the Invisible in Cairo, and co-editor of Cities of the South: Citizenship and Exclusion in the 21st Century, both by Saqi Books.


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