A Cultural History

Foreword by Ammiel Alcalay


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9780863569463 September 2001 Hardback 254pp 24 Colour and black & white illustrations

About the Book

This illustrated book provides a detailed account of the multifaceted and complex history of Bosnia from a cultural perspective, focusing on the successive waves of religious, cultural and ethnic influences that swept over the country from Paleolithic times onwards.

The political history of the numerous invasions, migrations and changes of government that have taken place in the country is interspersed with sections concerning the additions and modifications made to the Bosnian national culture as a result. The evolution of the Bosnian Church as distinct from the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches; Church and secular architecture, both ancient and modern; literature and writing from the earliest times to modern poetry; engraved and inscribed Bosnian gravestones; music and the coming of radio and television are all discussed in relation to the formation and evolution of Bosnian culture.

About the Author

Ivan Lovrenović is one of Bosnia’s leading intellectuals and writers. He is the former editor of the literary magazine Odjek and is currently chief editor of Svjetlost, a prominent Bosnian publisher. He has published numerous poems, novels, essays and screenplays.


'In acting as our guide, Ivan Lovrenović never lets go, holding our hand throughout the journey as we meander through pagan sites, synagogues, churches, mosques and flaming libraries, places that - no matter how beautiful or horrid - are never unfamiliar.'
Ammiel Alcalay