Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

A Chronicle of the Middle East Today

Translated by Pascale Ghazaleh


9780863563034 January 2003 Paperback 139pp

About the Book

‘The ultimate manifestation of jihad began with the attack against New York. From Egypt to the Emirates, I made observations and extracted confessions.’

One of the world’s foremost experts on Islam and Islamism, Kepel returned to the Middle East even as New York was still struggling with shock and dust. This book is a dispatch from history’s most contentious region during a period of breaking news.

While sensing the omens of a new war, Kepel’s account reveals that the realities are more complex than commonly understood. Bin Laden is popular and religious fervour is on the rise, but many people have also found the path to moderation without blunting their critical instincts.

Throughout, Kepel asks the critical question: Why is there so much resentment towards, but fascination for, the West?

About the Author

Gilles Kepel is professor at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, where he teaches a doctoral programme on the Muslim world. He is author of Bad Moon Rising: A Chronicle of the Middle East Today, Jihad: the Rise and Decline of Islam and The Prophet and Pharaoh.


'An incisive and exciting book by the most eminent specialist on Islamic affairs.'
Nouvel Observateur

'A fantastic book'
Le Figaro

'A brilliant piece of writing'
Le Point